Tolls Members are responsible for paying all tolls at the time they are due.
Traffic and Parking violations Full payment of fines +  500 per 30 days late in payment
Over-speeding >= 115 km/ Hr Per alert  300 over and above other fines that may have been levied
Smoking  1,000 + applicable damage costs related to interiors
Lost / Damages interiors Damage costs as per actuals
Vehicle Damage Damage cost up to  15,000 (full-wrap insurance covers the rest)*
Towing and Impounding No cost if caused by vehicle failure.
Full costs if caused by Member / Customer failure
Washing Charges Hatchbacks: 350 , Sedans: 400 , MUVs :  450, SUVs :  500
If excessive cleaning required for interiors / Exteriors then charged as per actuals
Extra Kms (Per day allowed to drive 250kms) Hatchbacks:  5/Km , Sedans:  6/Km , MUVs :  7/Km, SUVs:  8/Km
Late Hours (applicable upto 3 hours, above 3 hours full day rental charged) Hatchbacks:  120/Hr
Vehicle drop timings before 10:00PM Sedans:  150/Hr
After 10PM one-day rental MUVs :  200/Hr
SUVs :  300/Hr