Before 24 Hours After 24 Hours During Peak Season
If a user cancels the booking 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the trip, there will be 50% deduction on the booking amount. There will be no refund if the cancellation is done after 24 hours from scheduled start time of the trip. No refund on cancellation.
Reschedule (Before Trip Starts)
Before 24 Hours Within 24 Hours
No rescheduling charge. 20% of the difference. No fee if the new fare is higher than the old fare.*
Reschedule (During The Trip)
Shortening the trip Extending the trip
No Refund. Normal tariff for extended day (subject to availability). No extra charge.*
Upgrade/Degrade of Car Models
Degrade Upgrade before 24 Hours Upgrade within 24 Hours
Not Allowed Differential Fare. Additional 10% of Initial booking fee.* Differential Fare. Additional 20% of Initial booking fee.*
Refuelling Fuel Tank (On Return)
Fuel Tank as provided Fuel Tank deficit than fuel provided
No Charge No, you need to return the car with same fuel quantity as was provided at the time of Delivery otherwise you will be charged for the deficit fuel and convenience charge as applicable.*